Changing Blog Host: Electrostani.com

Hi folks,

As you've already seen, I've not been blogging actively much over the last few months. It's a mix of being busy and also not feeling the pull in the same way I once did.

Blogger, the service I've used to publish this blog from the beginning, has recently announced that they're discontinuing FTP support for Blogger in the next few weeks. That means I won't be able to have this blog hosted at my Lehigh webspace while also using their service. The stated reason is that FTP and SFTP create a large number of technical problems -- which rings true, since I've never quite been able to get Blogger to update my blog templates right.

It turns out it's fairly easy to move Blogger-based blogs to a custom domain name hosted by Google. I used to own www.amardeepsingh.com, but I let it go, and now some parasite company owns the domain.

As a result, for now I'm going to be using WWW.ELECTROSTANI.COM, which is also my Twitter name. The entire blog should already be available there, though most of the links will point back to posts at Lehigh. All new posts will appear there.

Please update your bookmarks.


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Quietus said...

I too once used blogger as a platform for my personal blog (self-hosted), simply in recognition of its non-technical dashboard.

What eventually caused my to get on the self-hosted Wordpress bandwagon wasn't so much that anything was wrong with the service I was getting from blogger, but that I had a suspicion that they didn't want people to use blogger without really using it (i.e. storing all files on their servers).

shrabanti said...

Nice info Amardeep and also visited Electrostani website and found about Jhumpa. Thanks.

Moushumi said...

I understand not feeling the pull any more. I have been blogging on and off too. Just a small request: you have linked to my old blogger url http://southwestsun.blogspot.com/. I migrated to wordpress 3 three years Please update to http://southwestsun.wordpress.com.

I know I am late here but Electrostani sounds great! Aren't we all electronic des ke vasi?

Anonymous said...

blogger have now updated there blogger systems recently they might work better for you now?.

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