Vote For Me, If You LIke: IndiBloggies

I've been nominated for "Best Humanities Blog," in the 2006 IndiBloggies. You can vote for me here [UPDATE: Voting has now closed]. Voting continues through February 20th.

Though recently most of my blogging has been short-form, I think I did some decent posts in 2006, and many of the more substantial entries are listed on the sidebar. But since I haven't actually updated the sidebar in several months, here are some of the highlights from between October and December:

Masud Khan

2006 in South Asia-oriented books

Anthems of Resistance: Progressive Urdu Poetry

The Myth of Martial Races

Nabokov, Butterflies, Mimesis

The Silencing of Tenzin Tsundue

Macacas, Youtube, and the Question of Respect

The Illusionist vs. The Prestige

Notes on MLA and SALA

Gandhi-Giri in Full Bloom


sharanya said...

Congrats on the nomination, and hope you win! :) On a (somewhat) related note, my open letter to PM Singh on M'sian temple demolitions has been nominated for a Koufax Award (progressive/lefty blog awards), under the Best Post category. I didn't actually know much about the Koufaxes until I found out about my nomination -- just wanted to thank you again for highlighting the issue on SM and here last year. I think your blogging about it really increased awareness about the situation.

electrostani said...

Sharanya, that's great! It was an important post on a serious issue that no one else was talking about. I'm glad if I was able to help a little.

Good luck with it. I'll go vote for you if voting is still going on.

Vivek Kumar said...

Already voted for you.

And thanks a lot for not taking the much-abused "humorous post" route that most nominees have taken while announcing that they have been nominated :)

electrostani said...

Thanks, Vivek.