I'll take the bronze

Congratulations to Falstaff on winning "Best Humanities Blog" at the IndiBloggies, with 141 votes. Falstaff actually lives in the Philadelphia area, so it's slightly odd that we've never met. (Well, not that odd, considering that I spend most of my free time these days at Babies R Us, tussling with other "soccer dads" over who gets the last can of powdered Enfamil...) The incredibly prolific Chandrahas also got more votes than me (110). See his brilliant and scholarly comparison of William Blake to an Oriya devotional poet named Salebaga here.

To the 91 people who voted for me, thanks for your support! I appreciate you taking the time to navigate the Indibloggies' rather convoluted voting system.

I also wanted to congratulate Greatbong, for winning blog of the year. He is actually quite funny, and has a way with words -- both Hindi and English (though, perhaps, surprisingly, not Bangla). I'm not quite sure I'd be as quick to joke about the Samjhauta bombing as he is, but you can't go wrong finding silly stuff to laugh about and/or cringe over in big Bollywood multi-starrers.


greatbong said...

Thank you Amardeep. However I would hasten to add that I was not being sarcastic about the Samjhauta bombing but about what I think is the entirely specious argument advanced by certain parties from both sides of the border, that India and Pakistan are equal victims of terrorism. This above line of thinking, my point was, is about as ridiculous as a Suniel Shetty movie.

electrostani said...

Greatbong, I understand that -- I guess I was responding more to the invocation of a silly B-wood movie version of a terrorist plot. Looking at the carnage from the bombing on NDTV, I didn't think of Suniel Shetty!

I agree with you about Pakistan's terrorism problem and culpability in many recent bombings. In the current instance, though, I'm waiting until there's a clear sense of who did it, and why.

greatbong said...

"Looking at the carnage from the bombing on NDTV, I didn't think of Suniel Shetty! "

Neither did I. But when I hear the Pakistani administration's spin, I cannot help but compare it to the scripts of bad Hindi movies.

Falstaff said...

Amardeep: Thanks. I suspect that in 'real life' I'm a committed recluse with the social instincts of a ground hog may have more to do with the fact that we've never met.

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

Peace and goodness.

I write poetry, articles, essays and short fiction for a largely Muslim audience. Come on by when you have some time to read.

Be well,

nuh ibn