Two Odd Crime-Related Stories

Last week, a Lehigh university sophomore decided to rob a Wachovia in north Bethlehem. He issued the bank teller a note claiming that he had a weapon (it's not clear that he had one), and walked off with about $3000. But he didn't do a great job with the getaway car: someone caught the license plate of his SUV, and within a few hours the police showed up at his fraternity with handcuffs. The icing on the cake? The student in question is the Sophomore Class President, and the guy who drove him to the bank is the University Student Senate President! (The latter student, a senior, says he didn't know what his friend was going to do at the bank.)

I was somewhere between a- and be-mused by this news last weekend, with the story in The Morning Call (the local paper). But yesterday CNN picked up the story, giving Lehigh national exposure for all the wrong reasons.

* * * *
Also in the Morning Call last weekend, police caught up with a robber in Lansdale when they followed his footprints in the snow straight to his house.

Note to robbers: when committing robberies in fresh snow, remember to first walk to someone else's house before going home with the loot!