A Sikh Film Festival in Long Island

There's going to be a film festival at Hofstra University in a couple of weeks, on Sikh cinema, the Spinning Wheel Film Festival. Interesting -- I didn't know there was such a thing as Sikh cinema! Here are some of the films they're screening:

Legend of Malerkotla: A Tale from the Punjab
Directed by Iqbal Malhotra

Sewa: From Paris to Tapovan (scroll down)
Reema Anand

Ranjit Singh
Directed by T.Sher Singh

Directed by Sukhwinder Singh

Kaya Taran
Directed by Shashi Kumar

Khamosh Pani
Directed by Sabiha Sumar

The last film on the list above, Khamosh Pani (Silent Water) is a recent partition film. Also, I'd heard tell of this religious/devotional film Sahibzadey, which is done entirely in CGI (computer animation). The rest of the titles are new to me, though I did know about T. Sher Singh, a widely respected journalist in Ontario (Guelph, to be exact).

There do appear to be some propagandistic films in the mix on the full program, but also some films that might appeal to a general audience (especially Kaya Taran and Khamosh Pani). It's also worth noting that the choice of films and filmmakers is secular (non-Sikhs have made several of the films), and pretty closely controlled (no cheesy Bollywood flicks).