55 Word Fiction

Anna's call for 55 word 'nanofiction.'

My stab at it:

Vikas soon learned how to size up the customers. The couple in the corner booth were whispering about their check, louder than they thought: "Could you take it? I promise I'll pay you back. Niles has my card; he's coming back on Friday."

Her voice broke. "I think." Was it, or wasn't it, a date?


Anonymous said...

interesting concept there....

my shot at it:

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Amardeep! Here's mine.

Scott Eric Kaufman said...

This sounds a bit like Dan Rhodes' Anthropology, a clever little book containing 101 stories of 101 words each. Some are better than others...but better ones are pure brilliance (not to mention impressive technical achievements).

Anonymous said...

Greetings to you. I will share this story with you and hope that it brings you one step closer to your Self.

Swami A


Ten patrons wait outside, hoping they will be allowed inside. They are wearing impeccable white dhotis, tied in the traditional manner. Last week, a man used a belt to hold up the cloth. He was asked to leave, even though he explained that as an amputee he should be allowed some concession.