Parody: Hindi film reviews

[I've never quite gotten the parody thing right, but that's no excuse not to try. The following is a parody of this review of Lucky--No Time For Love.]

Set against the romantic and majestic backdrop of Uzbekistan, Love Someone--Kyon Nahin? is a tale of love that brings together two extremely good-looking people with mediocre acting ability. It is a story of passion in a time of terrorism!

Jill (Sunita Hosakta) is the quintessential dreamer - soft, beautiful and gentle. Her one big belief is that if you search from the bottom of your heart, you will find not just the rainbow, but also the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow. One fine morning Jill is riding to school, praying that she clears her test, scheduled on that date. But her journey to school becomes her desperate journey of survival.

Jill never reaches school. She meets a stranger (Rajiv Bandu), who for some reason speaks fluent Hindi, and who's smart, wicked, charming.

It's common knowledge that a love story works if and only if it's high on emotional quotient. And the moments linger in your memory. Love Someone walks into your heart gradually!

The film starts off well, but the story comes to a screeching halt the moment Sunita and Rajiv find themselves trapped in the basement of a drug-dealer's mansion. The conversations between Sunita and Rajiv at this juncture are dull and boring, which is a glaring flaw from the writing point of view. The grip is clearly missing!

But the pace picks up gradually, over the course of four hours. And it gets all the more engrossing when the nuclear bomb/terrorism plot is introduced. From thereon, right till the finale, Love Someone goes higher and higher on the graph.

The film wears a Hollywoodish look all through, which matches Sunita's outfits. But from the writing point of view, Salil Besharam looks more like a buffoon than an intelligence officer. Also, you often wonder how Arjun reaches the right place at the right time - there're no explanations offered!

On the whole, Love Someone--Kyon Nahin? works for the aforesaid four reasons (fresh pairing, soul-stirring music, vibrant action and breath-taking locales). And with terrific promotion undertaken by T-Series, besides no major opposition for the next two weeks as well as commencement of summer vacations, Love Someone--Kyon Nahin? may just manage to find some love with audiences. Kyon Nahin?

Read the original review. I do not lie.