More on Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank

So it looks like Paul Wolfowitz is going to get the job after all. It just goes to show that, while it's easy to see that the Bush administration is ethically challenged, Europeans shouldn't be confused with saints. European support here is clearly the result of some backroom wheeling and dealing.

Still, does anyone believe this career neo-conservative has a personal interest in helping poor countries develop economically?

On the other hand, who knows? Sometimes neophytes are surprisingly good at what they do. And it's not as if there is any direct contradiction between the philosophy of the World Bank and the free market/privatization ideology that is for American neocons a kind of religion.


neha said...

Ethically challenged? That's very diplomatic of you, Dr. Singh. Not to mention, very generous too...

electrostani said...


I know, it's ridiculous understatement. But I'm trying to work on being diplomatic (not that I still don't get myself into trouble every other day with something or other... here's the latest controversy!

Niraj said...

It's ironic that one of the luminaries of neo-conservatism is tapped to lead the World Bank. An institution that is reviled by conservatives and liberals alike. The only things more reviled is the IMF and WTO.

Anonymous said...

Who will do the reconstruction and development of IRAQ?

The person who picked targets to be destroyed in the war..this time its Wolfowitz coming from Defense to World Bank..

Durnig the Vietnam war, it was Robert McNamara coming from Ministry of D to the World Bank..

US Geopolitics is easy to understand..