I started this blog one year ago today.

It's been fun. I've sunk way more time into it than I intended to. I've made some new friends, and reconnected with many old ones. I've started to read the news in a different way; I'm better connected to what's happening out there. And best of all, the daily ritual of writing something for public consumption (however limited a public it is) has transformed the way I think about my writing.

There are things I could probably do better in terms of making this blog more user-friendly and more bloggy -- especially along the lines of opening up comments to anonymous commentors. I also definitely want to get the hell off Blogger sometime soon (maybe mid-May).

For right now I'm just going to focus on what I find most rewarding about blogging, and that is writing as well as I can about things that seem like they need to be talked about.

Thanks everyone.