Traveling bloggers

Unfortunately this winter break did not have anything in the way of exciting travels for me. But others were much more lucky.

Kerim and Shashwati, for example, have been doing interesting stuff in India. Read Kerim's posts on Dehradun, Denotified tribes (especially that one), and Adivasis.

Elck (Vernacular Body) also has been in India, and has great posts on it. I especially liked the post on Bombay.

And Ms. World has been all over Southeast Asia. There are a number of good posts there, so I'll just link to her whole blog.

And you should also read this week's bit from Fareed Zakaria (not a blogger, but I found his latest through Manish, who is one) has been in Delhi and Chennai recently. He is impressed -- to an extent -- at what's happening business-wise and otherwise. (Manish is less pleased... read his post too)


kp said...

Doesn't really relate to what was said in the post, but still is related to the idea of travels being blogged.

Here I point out the need I feel for Indians to get together and form an alternative world view.

I understand an "Indian world view" can be formed organically and slowly out of people's travels and as people interact and popular arts start reflecting it. But given the opportunity blogs offer, I would quite like to see like a load of Indiana travelogues being indexed at one or many spots. Maybe it'll be interesting for other Indian travellers and/or educational for Indians who don't travel as much.

I am offering one such spot here and welcome anyone to come there and post. I intend to add posts about Dublin (at the least) and a few other places I have been lucky enough to visit.

I really am hoping for a massive collection of links to travelogues of Indian people, indexed for a quick search. Would be interesting, I believe.

I agree with your opinions of your blog not being an "Indian blog", but don't you find it charming that so many Indians (like me) still connect to it or let us say find it educational?



P.S. - I would also be curious to hear from you if you find some of my reasons for a need for a such a blog naive. I am sure they are ill-formed at the least. See, I am a computer geek after all :-)

electrostani said...


Actually, that sounds like a great idea. This could be an independent blog, or it might just be a really comprehensive post on one person's blog.

Another approach might be to create some kind of Wiki.

Incidentally, I didn't mention it but the economist Tyler Cowen was in India just a little while ago as well, and had some interesting observations.

And there is a western journalist called Jason Overdorf (don't know where he is from exactly) who has an excellent blog called Delhi Belly. He has been living in India since 2002.

Kerim Friedman said...

Thanks for the link. Hopefully now that I'm back I'll get some photos up on Flickr. I like Zakaria's comment about how the newspapers have changed.