Indian National Anthem to be changed?

Awhile ago I posted on the controversy over India's national anthem. A small number of people on the Hindu right wanted it to be changed from "Jana Gana Mana" to more spiritual/devotional sounding "Bande Mataram." But the issue went away pretty quickly.

Now there is a new issue, following notice from the Supreme Court that the word "Sindh" should be removed from "Jana Gana Mana," because Sindh is a province that is now in Pakistan.

Also, Sindhi poet Lekhraj Aziz has written a note of protest in the Times of India.

No opinion on this yet...

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Anand said...

I found the Hindu's stand on this issue palatable. The basic premise there is that "national anthems are, and must be, regarded essentially as hymns and songs that express patriotic sentiments and not as factual documents that are subject to literal interpretation."