Asia Blog Awards

Someone nominated me for best India blogger at Simon World.

If I weren't so vain, I would probably vote for Sepia Mutiny, since they are so maddeningly entertaining over there. Though really, both they and I should be under a separate category ("Diaspora Blogger" -- maybe I'll suggest it next time around). And if I were being a serious policy wonk I would be voting for The Acorn. Nitin is one step away from writing professional op-eds for the Indian media. (Indeed, he's probably a step above much of what's published in The Times of India)

But I'm neither serious nor honest, so I voted for myself. When I looked at the results so far, I was a little aghast to see that I was the first vote for me! (Then again only three votes have been cast so far, which means I am tied for first. If no one else votes, I might actually win)

The only serious thing here: exposure to a list of blogs from all over Asia, most of which I've never encountered before. Go check them out.


robi said...

You have a great blog but Nitin won my vote this time! Heck I was nominated as well but Nitin's stuff is fantastic even though I sometimes disagree with him.

electrostani said...

Funny that you make the comment here. As the late, great Rodney Dangerfield used to say,

"I don't get no respect!"


Nitin said...


Thanks for those words !

JS said...

But you're not really an Indian blogger?

You have an "Indian" ethnicity, but you're essentially an American.

You don't live in India,

Hmmm... I should get you disqualified!

electrostani said...


Yes, I was thinking to that when I said I should really be under the category of "diaspora" blogger.

On the other hand, the contest is for "India" blog rather than Indian blogger. In principle, I think that people who weren't ethnically Indian at all, but who were obsessed by Indian culture, politics, and media, could be in this contest.

As it is, I read the Indian papers every day, listen to tons of Indian music, and watch a new Hindi movie every week (more my wife's taste than my own, but I don't mind). I'm pretty up-to-date on what's happening...