U.S. 0 for 5000 on Terrorist Convictions

According to Alternet, the only foreign nationals convicted as 'terrorists' have now had their convictions overturned. This brings the U.S.'s conviction of 'terrorists' under the Patriot Act back to 0.

Among the gems of this case are these details:

The Detroit case was extremely weak from the outset. The government could never specify exactly what terrorist activity was allegedly being planned and never offered any evidence linking the defendants to al Qaeda. Its case consisted almost entirely of a pair of sketches and a videotape, described by an FBI agent as "casing materials" for a terrorist plot, and the testimony of a witness of highly dubious reliability seeking a generous plea deal. It now turns out that the prosecution failed to disclose to the defense evidence that other government experts did not consider the sketches and videotape to be terrorist casing materials at all and that the government's key witness had admitted to lying.

To quote Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Cole Porter: "Well, did you evah. What a swell party this is!"

(Via Keywords)