Three more blogs.

I discovered these blogs in my Sitemeter. They link to me and have interesting blogs, so I thought I would return the favor:

Clemens, from Austria. He found my old review of Spirited Away -- not sure how, since it is low on the Google list.

Jeet Fisk Doh. I gather the blogger's name is Jeet, his/her purpose is to Fisk. D'oh.

Also, Kumar Pennathur has a blog which comments on some things I've written -- indeed, those are his very first posts. Maybe this is one of those "If this joker [Amardeep Singh] has a blog, I should have one too" types of deals:

Dork In Chief

If so, I am proud to have contributed in some small way to the birth of another great Desi fisker.


pennathur said...

Thanks for the introduction. It's pretty clear why not too many people manage to earn a PhD in the liberal arts and go on to a successful career in the groves of academe. Wish I had one!

Clemens Gruenberger said...

Thank you for linking back to my blog - I have read a couple of your articles and enjoyed your writing style very much. (I feel I can learn a lot from it..) That's why I linked to your your blog and the review of "Spirited away" (which I can warmly recommend).

jeet said...

Thanks for the link. My blogname alludes to both Bruce Lee and the bloggojargon verb "fisk". I particularly enjoyed your "reflection on postmodernism, etc." I made the same shift myself (Take that as you will: reassurance or warning) but my renunciation of postmodernism and its affiliates was probably more abrupt and thoroughgoing than yours will turn out to be.