Saturday, June 26, 2004

South Asia Women's Forum and SAWNET

A site called South Asia Women's Forum has posted my review of Yuva.

It's a nice site... Check out the editorials by Sunny Singh especially. I like her analysis of the recent elections (even though she is a BJP supporter), and her accounts of life in Spain (also see: this) and Rome.

This piece, on Mumbaiyya/Bombaiyya, the slang spoken in Bombay, is also interesting.

It's not only a political or feminist site. It's more of a general, Indian women's lifestyle site. I gravitate towards the politics... Navigating the site is a little tricky -- searchability would help!

Incidentally, another excellent site is SAWNET (South Asia Women's Network). They have a famous email listserv, for women only as I understand it. The part of the site I've found most helpful is the "Who's Who" page, as there are helpful bios of a number of important women writers of South Asian origin there.


Anonymous said...

You may want to check out

Sunny Singh said...

Hi Amardeep. Glad you liked the editorial for sawf. You may want to check out some of my recent political stuff on my blog. :-)