"Pluck": RSS Reader -- News and Blog Feeds

I downloaded Pluck.
Using their reader, I've been building a list of RSS-enabled blogs, magazines, and news sources this evening.

I think RSS might be the "killer app" for XML that will reveal how revolutionary the technology is. It also stands to make the conventional browser somewhat obsolete; I can envision a next-generation browser that is tailored to XML feeds. I also think the ad-driven structure of the commercial internet media (including the news sites) might be changed by the technology, as RSS cuts down on the time you spend looking at the main pages of major websites. I did come across one article somewhere saying that some of the major news sites are beginning to lose traffic lately. The article claimed the change was due to bloggers, but I suspect that it's not the bloggers so much as the new modes of downloading news that blogger-culture encourages.

Adding RSS blogs and news-sites to my personal list is fun, but time-intensive -- there's no easy-to-use website that helps you find good sources. Feedster is good, as is Syndic8.com, but both are so "democratic" in their presentation of feed sources that you have to wade through long lists to find things you might want to read. For instance, it would be very difficult from these sites to find the RSS links at Harpers.org or Salon.com (Salon, for one, does not advertise its RSS feed).

I'm looking forward to this new way of getting information.

Highlights include
"The Desi Flavor"
"Allah Is In The House"
"London Review of Books"

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