I'm Dajjled by the Zournalism at the Times of India

I know, it's an easy and familiar target, but I was tickled by this slip in today's TOI Kanpur:

Is the Indian film industry ready for awards for the best among the worst performances on the lines of Hollywood's Reggie Awards?

For all of you who think that Bollywood is far too 'inspired' by Hollywood, there are still some things from the wild, wild West that clearly do not inspire the folks from India's filmi duniya.

Which is probably why the idea of an awards ceremony to acknowledge the worst performances in filmdom, on the lines of the Reggie Awards in Hollywood, hasn't found favour with the celeb brigade.

While Hollywood takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the best among the worst performances in films, actress Koena Mitra thinks the concept is "disgusting"!

It's always striking when they don't even bother to check a half-remembered name. I know, no one is perfect on this score (I myself am prone to misspell the word "Telugu" quite often). But the Times of India is India's biggest English-language daily!