The world falls forward in the morning, these days.
No rhyme, reason, or rhythm these days.
All that is true may not be expressed, these days.
And all that is desired is expected, one of these days.


Anonymous said...

The words fall short at the length of the drops.
The have their reasons, like the drops have rhythm.
Their truth sings while my eyes watch.
Days of desire: The Day
into minutes.

Diana Sahu said...

very nice post

Anonymous said...

Если бы мне, болельщику с 35-летним стажем, еще недавно сказали, что «Зенит» может обыграть марсельский «Олимпик» на его поле, да еще до начала своего внутреннего чемпионата, я бы вряд ли поверил. Но в минувший четверг отложил валидол в сторону уже на пятой минуте матча.

Som said...

Nice photograph

Many Thanks
Som Kumar

Anonymous said...

"And all that is desired is expected, one of these days." Very nice and Hindi filmy. :)