My little Harold Pinter post yesterday got me a mention in Slate.

If you're too lazy to click, here is the text:

Some bloggers are happily posting their favorite bits of Pinter's dialogue. Noting that "[Pinter's] stuff really comes alive when it's performed," Lehigh University professor Amardeep Singh suggests that newcomers should start with the movies for which Pinter wrote the screenplays.

Others are examining Pinter's politics. Under the headline "Nobel Academy slaps America," conservative Western Resistance claims,"[O]nce again, we see the subjugation of everything to the cause of oppossing mythical American Imperialism, and protecting very real Islamic Imperialism."

But some fans are irritated by news stories that foreground Pinter's opposition to the Iraq war. "I really don't think the Swedes looked at Dear Harold and decided to award him the highest honour in writing on the basis of his opposition to a war that almost every writer, artist, musician, actor, and soccer mom opposed with every fibre of his or her body. It's not like every other writer in the running was saying, 'F*** it, man. Tikrit has to go. Let's nuke the bitch from orbit and go to Denny's afterward.' Unless Hitchens was nominated this year," writes Canadian blogger Deep Fried Gold.