Nice Zinger from Congressman Chuck Rangel

Yes, I'm still preoccupied by the outrageous situation in New Orleans.

Here's one from Congressman Charles Rangel, quoted in the New York Times:

"Most cities have a hidden or not always talked about poor population, black and white, and most of the time we look past them," Dr. Crew said. "This is a moment in time when we can't look past them. Their plight is coming to the forefront now. They were the ones less able to hop in a car and less able to drive off."

That disparity has been criticized as a "disgrace" by Charles B. Rangel, the senior Democratic congressman from New York City, who said it was made all the worse by the failure of government officials to have planned.

"I assume the president's going to say he got bad intelligence," Mr. Rangel said, adding that the danger to the levees was clear.