Happy Birthday Google; Everybody Hates Chris

Google turns seven today. Wow, only seven?

I am almost unbelievably dependent on Google. Virtually every post I write on this blog rests upon Google searches. Google also bought Blogger some time ago, so even the fundamental technology I use to write depends on them. I also use their other services, including Google Maps and Gmail, all the time. If you could implant a Google search machine as a chip in your arm, I would probably go out and have it done -- text ads and all -- because it would be damn convenient.

As part of its anniversary celebration, Google Video is streaming the first episode of Everybody Hates Chris, for free for the next four days.

I'm not sure how Chris Rock is supposed to fit the Google birthday, but anyway, Everybody Hates Chris a good show: both funny and serious at the same time -- "black comedy" in more ways than one. Though Chris Rock is only in the show as a voice-over (the show is about his life in Brooklyn as a boy), it somehow feels a lot like the adult version of Chris Rock -- angry, but often brilliantly insightful about the foibles of life on both sides of Ocean Parkway.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that Rock manages to hit just the right balance on the show, of managing to show some of the dark/sad parts of his youth as well as some of the funny parts. Interestingly, some of his narration work seems to mimic Ron Howard's in Arrested Development.

Also, it's the only comedy I've seen in recent years where a montage actually worked (montage of the dad walking around the house calculating how much everything wasted costs, and montage of different slapping threats from the mom).