Through the Water (More Long Island photos)

I swear, I haven't done any Photoshop wackiness to this picture, just improved contrast. That's how the rocks looked through the water (I was standing on a pier).

People fishing at Cedar Beach, Long Island.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The first one is simply great! Is the water that clear?!

electrostani said...


Thanks, and yes. But the water is very shallow there -- maybe two or three feet deep. The rocks might also be artificially placed near the pier by engineers to prevent erosion; I'm not sure.

The water in Long Island Sound is generally not very clear, compared for instance with the Caribbean. One unique feature about it is that it is very calm -- almost no surf at all (a little like the great lakes in Michigan in that respect). It makes it a bit more comfortable for swimming than the full ocean.

Still, because of the low visibility here, we are lucky when we spot something below the surface (though it does happen from time to time).

(Maybe that is also a metaphor for life in general.)