Ban all E.M. Forster puns immediately

I finally got around to reading Suketu Mehta's column on outsourcing. See the discussion following Abhi's post at Sepia Mutiny a couple of days ago for some good comments on the column; all I have to say right now is, can someone please tell the editors of American media outfits to think of titles for India-related stories that do not entail A Passage to India?

There are other works of literature whose titles might make eye-catching 'ledes.' For instance, this column might have been better titled:

Midnight's Outsourcing [literally midnight, because of the time zone difference...]
The Silicon in the Crown
Outsourcing an Elephant
Train to Bangalore



Sunil said...

My experiments with outsourcing

Silicon and friends

The Great Indian Travel

Anonymous said...

Outsourcers Like Us
The Outsourcers of Kumaon
The Outsourcer of Small Things
My Frozen Outsourcers
Outsourced Wipe Open

Ms. World said...

I like `Midnight`s Outsourcing` or `Train to Bangalore`.

Anonymous said...

How about A Sourceable Boy?

And Arundhati Roy's The Cost of Living works without a punning name change.

electrostani said...

Thanks, guys. My favorite so far is "My Experiments with Outsourcing," which would have made Gandhi furious. I also like "The Outsourcer of Small Things," which I imagine as an article about a company that outsources little jobs, like the resizing of digital photos to 'email' sizes.

I'm considering compiling a long list, and sending it over to the Times for their consideration.

Salman's Shirt said...

How about:

"Managers are from San Jose, cybercoolies are from Bangalore"

"A Fine Outsourcer"

"The Armies of Engineers"

"Monsoon Outsourcing"

"The Outsourcer and Friends"

Salman's Shirt

Veena said...

- The Discovery of Outsourcing
- Letters from an outsourcer to his daughter
- Glimpses of world outsourcing

Anonymous said...

The Outsourcer of Bangalore

Anonymous said...

An Area of Outsourcedness