Penguin India to Publish in Vernacular Languages

Via Literary Saloon: Penguin India is going to start publishing books in Indian languages. The representative for Penguin quoted in the article says the Indian book market has the potential to grow dramatically.

I'm hoping they're right: the more books, the merrier.


Boston Bala said...

Hope it will rekindle the regional book buying like Tamil. Thx for the pointer!

pennathur said...


I am sad that the word "vernacular" continues is still used in India to refer to Indian languages. I do not who started the practice of equating Indian languages with "language(s) of the homegrown slave(s)" which is what the Brits themselves may have called English about a 150 years. This is one British leftover that is offensive in meaning if not in intent. Why not simply say Indian languages if the term regional languages seems to discriminate in favor of Hindi and against the other languages? I have heard the almost slur "vernie" used in Bombay by the English school types to refer to students from Marathi and Gujarati 'medium' schools. I haven't come across the word in Calcutta, but often enough in Madras where I grew up.