France: No Compromise

The expulsion of three Sikh students has been held up in the French courts. (Via The Discrimination and National Security Initiative blog)

On some things, the French do not compromise.


Kyla said...

Dude, the French suck. I have to say I'm down with Mark Twain on this one. Last time I was in Paris, and I literally mean the LAST TIME my mother and I sat in a bistro and listened to an entire table talk about us in French -- dirty Algerians etc etc (although French is our first language, my mother and I speak English together).

The entire culture is run around what is "normale" and what is not. Ni langue est ma langue, n'est ce pas.

Ms. World said...

I don`t think the French suck. However, I do believe that the French are scared sh*tless with by their growing and somewhat disenchanted Muslim community. The French really have idea how to deal with the issues and grievances of the Muslim community. Therefore in an effort to hopefully slow down the politicalization of some immigrants they have enacted a ban on all religious symbols in schools. I think the Sikh community in France was an afterthought (unfortunately). I don`t see the French swaying on this issue because it is one of a few band-aids they have to contain the fermenting situation in their country.