A waste of an evening... almost

Because of the snow, my one-hour commute took three hours tonight. Ouch.

Well, anyway, I made good use of my IRiver MP3 (recent acquisition) player. I have a little device which I found on line, that broadcasts your MP3 player's output to a radio station you set. Pretty nifty; it lets you listen in the car. (Headphones and driving don't mix, in my opinion)

During the endless traffic jam, I listened to the podcasts of KCRW interviews with Malcolm Gladwell (Blink), Marilynne Robinson (Gilead), and about half of Lawrence Lessig's Free Culture from the 'open source' free audiobook compiled by a bunch of bloggers.

The highlight was probably the Lessig, which is very well-written. Lessig's argument, also, is truly a far cry from the simplistic 'Free Napster' type of argument that I'd kind of expected. People who are thinking about Intellectual Property issues online really ought to check it out...