Le Tigre: A Little Jolt of Disco/Electoclash Dadaist Aerobics

This guerilla Le Tigre video, done by someone in France (and presumably not the band itself) is too damn dada. One wants to laugh, one wants to cry... one wants red sneakers and a yellow hat.

Le Tigre! Post-riotgrrrl geek-core.

Not to be confused with Tigerstyle. Or Tigritude: "A tiger does not shout its tigritude: it pounces. A tiger in the jungle does not say: I am a tiger. Only on passing the tiger’s hunting ground and finding the skeleton of a gazelle do we feel the place abound with tigritude" (Wole Soyinka).

Others: Tigropolitical, Tigro-American, Tigro-Globalization, Tigromystics.

And of course, Tiger Chutney.