Family matters: Terri Schiavo

While the Senate acted without any objection, the bill ran into resistance from some House Democrats, who said the Republican-led Congress had overstepped its authority by inserting itself into what was a family matter best left to state authorities.

"These actions today are a clear threat to our democracy," said Representative Jim Davis of Florida, one of three Democrats from Ms. Schiavo's home state who joined others in temporarily stalling the bill.

So much for "family values," states' rights, and separation of powers.


Niraj said...

I agree with your sentiments entirely. This is what happens when you have the White House and Congress under the control of one party-- it's literally a license to run a muck! I mean what a disaster these hearings about steroid use in baseball have been.

DNSI said...

Charles Fried, professor of law at Harvard and former solicitor general of the United States, has written a very interesting article on the damage to federalism in the Shiavo matter. He also perceptively notes the hypocrisy of Republicans criticising liberals for being judicial activists, when it is the conservatives here who are acting outside the bounds of what is prudent rulemaking. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/23/opinion/23fried.html?ex=1269234000&en=3395e957aa474722&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland