"Love means never having to wear your sari"

Just one other thing.

From the San Jose Mercury News, probably the drollest line I've seen on Bride and Prejudice:

But through a series of wardrobe changes -- from bikinis to tight-fitting tops, all meant to accentuate Rai's remarkable figure -- Lalita remains defiant. She wears her heart on her sleeve, even when she hasn't got a sleeve. In "Bride & Prejudice," love means never having to wear your sari.

Actually, it's not true -- the reviewer is exaggerating. But it's a nice line!

At any rate, the mixed reviews on this (and the especially harsh review in the Times), suggest possible flop-dom. It may not be hopeless: the Rotten Tomatoes index has Chadha in net positive territory overall. We'll see.

But after several years of crappy Bolly/Holly crossover attempts (The Guru; Bollywood/Hollywood, etc.), I'm ready to let Bolly be Bolly and Holly be Holly.