"North America Kicks Europe's A##"

If you google that phrase (and substitute the correct letters in), my blog comes up #1. I discovered this through poking through my Sitemeter statistics (truly, I'm not motivated to do my grading just yet... think I need about 5 more cups of coffee).

You may be thinking, "in what, exactly?" But if you're asking that question, you're clearly not on board with the spirit of this particular Google search.

You may also be wondering, "but was such a sentiment ever expressed on this particular blog?" "Is it possible that Google is quoting out of context?" Google points to this archive page as the most direct instance of North America kicking European posterior. The culprit is Irshad Manji of all people.

Finally, you might even object that the statement in question isn't, in fact, true. That would be your prerogative. Certainly Northern North America wins hands down in terms of weather. Outside, it's currently drizzling, dark, and about 41 Degrees Fahrenheit. Now don't all come visit at once...

Ok, cancel that. Someone get me on a plane to Buenos Aires, pronto por favor.
(Or anywhere where it's warm and sunny.)