Asia Blog Awards

Someone nominated me for best India blogger at Simon World.

If I weren't so vain, I would probably vote for Sepia Mutiny, since they are so maddeningly entertaining over there. Though really, both they and I should be under a separate category ("Diaspora Blogger" -- maybe I'll suggest it next time around). And if I were being a serious policy wonk I would be voting for The Acorn. Nitin is one step away from writing professional op-eds for the Indian media. (Indeed, he's probably a step above much of what's published in The Times of India)

But I'm neither serious nor honest, so I voted for myself. When I looked at the results so far, I was a little aghast to see that I was the first vote for me! (Then again only three votes have been cast so far, which means I am tied for first. If no one else votes, I might actually win)

The only serious thing here: exposure to a list of blogs from all over Asia, most of which I've never encountered before. Go check them out.