Laying Low

I've temporarily lost my taste for political analysis. So no big opinions to offer.

And I've also been completely (absurdly) swamped with work this week, so it's not like I have time to write down the thoughts that have been percolating.

I had a nice conversation with a small number of very subdued Swarthmore students yesterday about the role of women in the debate over secularism in India. Despite the fact that no one was much inclined to ponder the Uniform Civil Code, working on a totally unrelated subject for a couple of hours was good. They raised some objections that I think I need to consider more closely in my project... And I also came across some interesting/useful websites while preparing for the talk, so maybe there'll be a redacted form of my talk yesterday on the blog soon.

It was also nice to see Tim after a while, and also meet the rest of the Easily Distracted clan. (Tim, you should seriously think of marketing the "Chicken Busters" idea to Hollywood, or maybe Andy Warhol's estate.)

Incidentally, for one of the only compellingly soul-searching, left-leaning analyses of the mess we're in post-election, see Tim's latest.

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Rob Breymaier said...

I, for one, vote that you post it.