Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Few Blogs, mostly Desi

There is a phenomenon called "Bharateeya Blog Mela" (Indian Blog Fair), which has linked to me a couple of times (thanks). It is good because it widens the spectrum of the blogs I know about. Also good because there are lots of blogs being written in Hindi -- maybe bilingualism in the Indian print media isn't dead after all!

Jabberwock (Jai Arjun). New Delhi Journalist. Check out his response to Philip Roth's The Plot Against America.

Patix. A Bombayite architect in Atlanta.

Wanderlust (Neha B). An NRI grad student. Going on hiatus for a few weeks... oh well.

Verbal Chameleon. A liberal U.S. blog.

Kamat Indian Blog Portal. These are always great until they become too big. When there are 300 blogs on the list, portals are wonderful. When there are 30,000, though, they become more like search engines...


Raj said...

one more desi blog to check out

johnny said...

AS -the patix and the bharateeya links don't seem to work
btw-keep up the good work..we're listening..

indian blogs said...

Nice list there good work.. keep working now there are new websites out there