Tom Friedman parody; Jack Ryan; Polyandry; Timbaland; Sasha's photos

Another Tom Friedman parody. (Via Atrios)

Also via Atrios, a rather shocking bit about Jack Ryan's emerging divorce scandal. He was into some unusual stuff, fine -- not really our business most of the time. But it does become public business when he is being publicly supported by Rick Santorum.

Polyandry in India: Because female foetuses are often aborted in north India, there is now a shortage of women, leading to some unusual family arrangements, Jivha reports.

A brilliant parody of Nigerian money spam at Keywords.

Also check out filmmaker Shashwati Talukdar's blog. I saw her documentary about Mahashweta Devi last year -- nicely done.

Sasha Frere-Jones has the coolest photos on the web. Lots of interesting textures and great color. Where do I get a camera like that? I would love to post nicer-looking original photos. I especially like this one.
One other thing: Sasha was on NPR the other day, talking about Timbaland.

Louis Menand, on punctuation, in this week's New Yorker (via Mumpsimus).

Also recently added: Greg Perry, a poet. I like his rhymed couplets the best, especially at the ends of poems. Rhyme can be nice.

Speaking of rhyme, the Beastie Boys have a new album. Here is a review that is written mostly in rhyme itself.

And Bill Clinton fights back against interviewers obsessed by Monica Lewinsky.

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