The Times of India has lost it: Bhaskar and the 'Serial Killer' story

Jivha has a great scoop.

The Times of India has used the image of a famous Tamil comedian named Bhaskar in a story on Indian serial killers.

Apparently they decided to use Bhaskar's image after Chennai Online ran a story about Bhaskar entitled 'Serial Killer'. The idea of the story was, Bhaskar 'kills' (his audiences -- he makes them laugh) serially. The TOI even used a head-shot from the Chennai Online story!

Either this was somebody's idea of a joke, or the reporters, editors, and fact-checkers (if they exist?) at TOI have completely lost it. This is one of those events that, at the New York Times, would lead to some serious head-rolling, not to mention lawsuits. Is the Indian blogosphere big enough (or influential enough) to bring down some journalists and editor at India's biggest (and sleaziest) English-language daily?