International Bhenji Brigade

According to IndiaFM, Mira Nair is starting a new production company, with a specialization in crossover (India/diaspora) filmmaking:

'Mirabai Films' is teaming up with Balaji Rao's (of the Venky poultry group) Bala Entertainment Pvt. Ltd to establish a film production company that will create independent Asian cinema for the global market place. And like the unconventional theme of her films, their production too is unusually named as “International Bhenji Brigade”. Bhenji, meaning “not-so-hip sister”, refers to the resourceful women on Nair's film crew whom she teasingly calls her “International Bhenji Brigade”.

IBB plans to develop, finance and produce a slate of 3 or more feature films from Asia and the respective diaspora communities. IBB offers a younger generation of Asian filmmakers the opportunity to continue Nair's filmmaking tradition by making films, which, as Nair puts it, “gets bums on seats”.

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