The Tail End of Long Island on Fire

Sadly, our Long Island summer is coming to an end. I might have something to say about what life has been like out here soon (hint: restful), but for now I can point people to some photos on Flickr. I have also added the "Flickr Badge" thingie to the sidebar. It seems to be showing up on everyone's blogs, and who am I to miss out on a blogging fad?


Anonymous said...

Ugh, it's blogs and then pod-casting and then flickr and who know what else. Don't you feel a need to keep up with the blog-Jones'es? I have to keep reminding myself that I started my blog to write a little each day and practice writing. Be witness to my own life. On a blog it's navel gazing, but if I kept a paper diary, ooh la la.....



electrostani said...


So when is the 'Chaicast' coming? I'm waiting for your podcast! ;-)