Brain Gain! NRIs return to India

NPR : India Benefiting from Reverse Migration.

America's loss.


neha said...

Would you go back?

electrostani said...

Ooh, tough one. It might not be obvious given my interests, but I am actually an ABCD! I was born in New York City.

Moving to India would be more like leaving the U.S. than it would be going home. That said, I don't think that's completely out of the picture.

That said, my wife is an NRI software engineer (perhaps that partly explains why I am so preoccupied with Indian politics and pop culture). We have some close friends who have gone back, and others who are about to go. A lot of amazing things are happening in India right now in software -- if she gets a really "can't pass this up" type of career opportunity, it would be something for us to consider.

Hopefully I will have my book out and have tenure before that becomes an issue! Then I might feel more comfortable taking a career risk of my own.

What about you?

Rajeev said...

I guess I am one of those folks who moved back from the US, albeit I must say it wasnt that hard making the decision given that I didnt grow up in the US - I was there for about 5.5 years, and although things were great in many aspects, I had this intention of moving back for good. I have now been back in Bangalore for a little over a year now, and although I do miss a lot of things about the US, overall, I have been happy with the move, I must say.

Retail Investor said...

amardeep, its been a while since you posted this. curious as to what you guys decided. i am an nri and my wife is "ABCD" and we are contemplating returning to India for several reasons, none career oriented. but what i find interesting here is that you are "ABCD" and i would be leaving behind your country... thanks!