Once more, into the moot (Naipaul)

I foolishly decided to post an abbreviated version of my earlier Naipaul/ Dhondy/ Dalrymple post on the Outlook bulletin board page.

Earlier I found the whole process of arguing with people on the internet very wearying. Without editors to slow them down or the rules of decorum of face-to-face conversation, internet warriors often operate at a fever-pitch of inflammatory rhetoric. It's much easier to denounce someone as an apologist for "Islamo-fascism" than it is to actually read up on the topic at issue.

But I'm starting to get used to it. I'm even starting to enjoy (a little) getting pummeled by these people.

[Pedantry note:Moot means 'null and void', but it is also a synonym for 'fray'. British Parliamentarians used to refer to the floor where issues where debated as a 'moot'.]