Writing Deadlines

Hi folks, I have been on a bit of a hiatus to meet some writing deadlines. Hopefully I will be back blogging somewhat regularly next week.

I find that whenever I'm finishing difficult projects -- going all the way back to my dissertation days, in 1999-2000 -- I end up listening to one particular song by Everything But The Girl. It's not a conscious thing; I just seem to always find it in my MP3 collection at the right moment:

Somehow the song always does the trick. (I don't know how I feel about the video, which I only watched for the first time just now).


Ruchira Paul said...

Hope the song does do the trick for your latest project. Best of luck.

Rokeya said...

Good luck! My writing song right now is an embarrassing Bollywood hit.

by Gnosis Arts Multimedia said...

I totally understand. I listen to the same tunes over and over when I'm enthralled in writing. It seems that certain songs have an uncanny ability to tap the necessary creative and conceptual centers of the brain responsible for great writing.

Eric Bryant, CEO
Gnosis Arts Multimedia Communications

Anonymous said...

I listen to music a lot when I'm preparing legal briefs and arguments. It helps me gather my thoughts, for some reason. You're not alone!

Best of success,
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