On the radio, w/Amitav Ghosh

It looks like I am going to be on the radio on Monday, as part of an interview with Amitav Ghosh, on Radio Open Source, a new NPR show. It is scheduled for 7-8pm Eastern time (4-5am in India); I am supposed to be on between 7:20 and 7:35 or thereabouts.

They are only up in a few markets, including Boston, Seattle (Manorama, are you reading this?), and Salt Lake City (VK, are you reading this?). But apparently their shows are being both streamed and archived on the Internet, so you can listen remotely and later. Go to their blog to tune in.

Any suggestions for things to talk about on The Hungry Tide, or Amitav Ghosh more broadly? Apparently the producers of the show want to focus on what is happening in India today, politically and culturally -- not so much the literary aspect. Suits me just fine.

I'm going to be working on some questions of my own to ask Ghosh this weekend. But if you send me well-focused short questions that I can use I will try and give you credit over the air.

UPDATE: Ok, it's over. For those of you coming over from Open Source, here are two things I've written on Amitav Ghosh before:

1. On Tsunami relief

2. On The Hungry Tide