Very, very bad news

A massive tsunami, triggered by an even more massive earthquake, has hit South India, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia. 6,600 are known to be dead already.

It's going to be hard to concentrate on literature for the next few days. If anyone hears about ways to send relief/aid to the folks affected, please email me and I will post it here. In the meanwhile, I'm hoping (praying) that it doesn't get worse.

Ok, off to the MLA.


chutry said...

This is indeed very bad news. Some very close friends were vacationing in southern Thailand when the tsunami hit, so I've been very worried for them.

I'll try to keep a look out for ways to send relief to the folks who are affected.

Nitin said...


Here's an extract from my postHow you can help:If you know of ways to help government/NGOs carrying out relief work, please leave details in the comment section. India: Prime Minister's National Relief Fund, by bank transfer, or by credit cardSri Lanka: Reliefweb (United Nations office)

Others:Vichaar's list of relief agencies; At A Voyage to Arcturus (via Tim Blair).

~profgrrrrl~ said...

The power of nature is just astounding and frightening at times.

I've been getting reports from someone who is there (Phuket). Tales of bodies floating through hotel lobbies, etc. I too am hoping we've heard the worst of it and that there won't be any more aftershocks/tsunamis to follow.

George H. Williams said...

Crooked Timber has a few links to aid groups.

Kaushik said...

People have already mentioned Red Cross, Prime Minister's Relief Fund, Oxfam and ReliefNet that are active in the relief efforts.

There is also:
World VisionDoctors Without Border

zigzackly said...

Amardeep, please link to this blog http://tsunamihelp.blogspot.com/. Mail me if you'd like to help us put together information: zigzackly AT gmail DOT com

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