New links: local and global

I've fallen behind on my links a bit. The following is an attempt to catch up (reciprocity!), though I think I'm still missing some people.

Here are some that I've come across from comments, Sitemeter, and Technorati:

Kathleen Lawton (friend from high school)
Lord of the Links
Zoo Station (I think "Wetware," their URL, is a better title, but...)
Musings from the Lehigh Valley (Now I'm not the only academic with a blog in the Lehigh Valley; philosophy connection)
Bitch Ph.D.
Brayden King
Hypatia (Egypt connection)
Scribbler's Delight (aka Poet; Australian, French connections)
Prashant Mullick (Science connection)
The Leviathan and the Republic (Portuguese connection)

Also, here is my public links list at Bloglines. It is likely to be more up-to-date than the blogroll, which is currently a pain to update.


kpowerinfinity said...

Hi there,

thanks for including my link on the blog... keep checking... and yes, my public subscription at bloglines is herethanks

kpowerinfinity said...

btw, why dont u maintain your blogroll through bloglines... its much easier to do it that way...

poet said...

thanks for linking but you didnt haveto:) then again im new to this blog stuff....under the share button at bloglines they give you code to either automate a list of your blog subscriptions or make them appear in a little window, which is what i do because i dont want to clutter up my page....still working out the value of trackback and how to create an proper index..fun isnt it:)