A couple of Ladakh photos; Bombay at night

A couple of photos from my Ladakh trip. The first one is from the confluence of the Indus and Zanskar rivers -- a spot called the "Sangam" (meeting):

And here is a shot from Pangong Lake, in eastern Ladakh. This area is only about 30 km (20 miles) from the border with China:

The lake is clear and blue; it's a remarkable sight in the midst of the barrenness of Ladakh. At about 15,000 feet above sea level, it's also quite cold. The army guys said the temperature is -2 degrees C -- possible because of the water's high salinity level.

Finally, a couple of photos of Bombay at night. This is a view of Chowpatty beach from Malabar Hill:

And one more. This is the Marine Drive "necklace":

In the distance you can see the Air India building and the Oberoi/Hilton Towers.

I have high resolution versions of all these photos that I can't post. If you'd like me to send one to you, let me know.


Rob Breymaier said...

The water was high in saline? Do you know why? Is there a lot of salt there? Was this water once part of the sea before the collision? Soemthing else?

PhDiva said...

Love the pics. Post more!! Post more!! Ladakh looks beautiful, but i am more of an urban girl and seeing the pictures of Mumbai made my heart race and wish i was there.

litprof said...

Stunning. I'm opposite of PhDiva; the first two photos had my heart melting. What an exciting trip to get to see all these things!

Gurvinderpal said...

Waheguru Ji Ki Khalsa Wahegur Ji Ki Fateh
Wow another Bloggin' Sardar ji,
Sat Sri Akal

just thought iwould say Hello.... well i gotta go..
Chardi Kala
Gur Fateh!

Anonymous said...

the pics from Ladakh bring back memories of the veggie truck I took from Manali to Leh. Beautiful landscape but what I remember most was the smell from the chilli bag I had to sit on for a whole day...mmmmm chillies