A Twitter Series: Direct Quotes from Narendra Modi

I'm trying something a little different today -- a series of direct quotes from Narendra Modi, likely India's next Prime Minister. If anyone reading this has suggestions for short quotes I might want to add to this list, please leave a comment or email me.

Update: Earlier, I had posted a widely cited quote from Modi along the lines of "Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction." Someone sent me the entire quote in Hindi, which actually seems to mitigate the ominous implications of that statement somewhat:

"Kriya pratikriya ke chain chal rahi hai. Hum chahte hai ke na kriya ho, aur na pratikriya (A chain of action and reaction is going on. We neither want action nor reaction). (link)
The quote of just the one sentence seems unduly biased against Modi, so I'm removing the Tweet from this series.

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hcpblogs@gmail.com said...

24 hours to NaMo

In another 24 hours , exit polls will become obsolete when election results start pouring in
And as the sun rises in the sky on 16th May , usual games will play-out on TV channels


In this game , the main players will be the leaders of BJP and its pre-poll allies
All of these leaders will claim personal credit for BJP's victory - without appearing to offend the Great NaMo !
They will tell the TV anchors :
There never was any doubt that we will win
We had told you so , all along
NaMo wave was unstoppable
People were fed up of UPA's failures
This is the beginning of the end of the Dynasty Rule
We will not be vindictive ( - except in case of RSVP ! )
We gracefully accept the mandate given to us by people to bring in Good Governance
People want Gujarat Model replicated all over India and we will do it


This game will be played by leaders of Congress and its UPA allies
They will try to hide their faces on TV channels ( - now I understand why police cover up the faces of alleged culprits ! )
But if caught unaware by those intrepid roving journalists / cameramen , they will mumble in inaudible voices :

We humbly accept the verdict of the people
We honour their wishes ( though much against our wishes ! )
We will play the role of a responsible opposition ( - but make no mistakes , at every small opportunity , we promise to disrupt the working of the Lok Sabha , better than what BJP ever managed )
RSVP had nothing to do with our defeat
Our Working Committee / Parliamentary Board will examine the reasons why people dumped us ( - and find some scapegoats ! )
After all , we have been playing this game for over 65 years and know too well that you cannot fool all the people all the time !
You win some , you lose some
We will emerge stronger by 2019 "


This game will be played out by the Third Front political leaders whose only " Aim " was to remain " Relevant " in the Lok Sabha !
These leaders will be saying :

As a Third ( rate ? ) Front , we have emerged stronger
So what , if we cannot form the Government ?
We cannot even agree on who is our Prime Ministerial candidate !
But can't you see that we are M-powered ? ( Maya / Mamta / Mulayam ) - with 3 potential PMs ?
As always , we will continue to provide NaMo , our " Issue - based " support ( - the only issues being , withdrawal of all scam-related cases / disproportionate assts cases / CBI investigations,
etc , against our Behenji / Didiji / Netaji )
And of course , grant of " Special Status " to W.Bengal / Bihar / UP / Tamil Nadu / Odisha / Seemandhra etc

On 16th , switch on your TVs to witness the " Grand Finale " !

* hemen parekh ( 14 May 2014 / Mumbai )